Wrench Series | Mitchell Lonas

Mitchell Lonas' Wrench Series is a collection of intricate carved paintings of delicate bird nests. Mitchell's works float upon a dark background giving the illusion of suspension. Each painting is created on a steel or aluminum panel and then carved using different sharp tools; from nails, chisels and dental tools. This technic allows Lonas to give a sense of light, texture and rhythm to these poetic images. Mitchell uses found nests given to him by his mother as inspiration for each creation. The nests are made from fine horse hair which is beautifully captured in his work.

Nature | Nurture

Mitchell attributes his current style of work to his upbringing in Tennessee. He tries to capture the nature he was surrounded by in his hometown and the warmth and kindness of his mother in his art. Before Mitchell transitioned into his current style he studied art history at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and for many a year he was a well respected portrait painter. Lonas now lives and practices in a studio space in North Carolina where he never stops experimenting and developing his unique body of work.


“The most powerful art is a conversation between the artist and the viewer, but some artists don’t let the viewer get a word in edgewise. Mitchell’s work, on the other hand, invites the viewer to participate in the exchange of ideas and emotions.”

- Jack Austin

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