Over the years I've shared forward thinking offerings of beauty with you from artisans who are extremely passionate - creative visionaries who are not only incredibly dedicated to their craft but also mindful of earths finite resources and the future of our planet.
Terra Tonics is a luxury, clean beauty brand in the true sense of the word. The brands founder, Bhavna Suri, has called on her ancestors innate wisdom alongside her love of nature to present a simple yet powerful trio of award winning skin care products. Personally I am moved by the brands ethos and have come to learn (no matter how much hype surrounds a launch) the industry leaders are always those who create with an open heart and with the greater good as an integral part of their process.


Terra Tonics is 100% organic plant powered magic.


I can wholeheartedly attest to the quality and effectiveness of the products as I've been enjoying them for the best part of 2022 ... It was a private quest that lead me to investigate the best organic, sustainable skin care Australia has to offer and from there I decided to share this artisan find through the Fallow website. 

Fully alive and active offerings that embrace the energetic qualities of whole plant healing are combined with a solid understanding of science and the realisation of an urgent need to realign ourselves with nature...

'It's a delusion to think we need something more or outside of nature to be healthy or to have healthy skin. Nothing can be synthesised in a lab to match nature's perfection and synergy'. 

With indigenous ingredients consisting of Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum, locally sourced Finger Lime, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry and Native River Mint from an Aboriginal nursery in NSW, the botanical line up is as delicious as it is potent. The award winning Elemental Cleanser literally smells good enough to eat...

The multi award winning Clean Collagen is the best plant based serum on the market, containing 5 whole plant extracts and nothing else - no fillers, fragrance or harmful chemicals - and with a potent 4% Bakuchiol (a natural retinol that gives you the results of retinol, without any of the side effects). 

Early on in my fashion life I chose not to wear synthetic fabrics next to my skin so I was quite eager to experience the brands Cellular Hydration - a proven alternative to synthetic hydrochloric acid. I see this beautiful botanical product as an extension of my unique style that regenerates my skin working seamlessly with my biology and beliefs.

Many brands are all talk on the sustainability front however Bhavna's promise of refills for the infamous Elemental Cleanser has recently been fulfilled. The new, compostable refill sachets can now be purchased on the Fallow website

The brand has also just launched a Terra Tonics Experience Set ~ a precious sample trio for those wishing to embrace a kinder skin care routine with minimal fuss and maximum results. (I immediately secured one of these clever sets for travelling).  

We are all stewards of this wondrous earth faced with caring for the future of humanity so it makes sense to embrace new ways of doing things together. Being able to bring my skin into balance with the privilege of choosing sustainable luxury by Terra Tonics just makes so much sense... 

Consume Terra Tonics consciously at Fallow. 

If you would like to be in the running to receive one of five samples of Elemental Cleansers please write to info@fallow.com.au and tell us why you believe in the power of plants. Entries close October 15th 2022. Winners will be notified by return email.

Product image courtesy of Terra Tonics.

Insight image courtesy of Clay Banks on Unsplash