The word ‘Reiki’ is described in some Japanese dictionaries as ‘the magical energy that fills the forest’. In the Western world it is more readily accepted as the universal energy of life. After four years of living surrounded by trees it seems the forest has truly embraced me. The energy here has somehow reached out and gently permeated my very being.

Studying Reiki has deepened my connection to this energy and strengthened my desire to share this profound form of healing with more than my immediate family and friends …At first, I was hesitant to walk this path professionally however my recent visit to Mount Kurama in Kyoto – the birthplace of Reiki – has given me the courage to welcome this artform as a way of life.

For the moment I am offering myself in service by way of Distant Reiki sessions while we create a dedicated space on our property for in-person experiences.It feels life affirming to follow my heart and I am grateful to finally acknowledge outwardly what feels very natural to me. 

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