Fallow is dedicated to supporting artisans who create sustainably with devotion to regenerative craft. 

Our commitment to reduce environmental impact has driven our shift from having physical stock on hand to working closely with our collective of brands on a made to order or ‘made with intention’ basis. We offer a curation of jewellery works from recycled silver and gold with ethically sourced or re-purposed precious stones, respecting our earths finite resources while further enhancing the natural state of our 'precious' metals.

We do not adhere to the seasonal constraints of fast fashion, nor advocate the wasteful consumption it fuels. Inspired by the regeneration of nature we aspire to an organic aesthetic, quietly confident our focus on natural materials and muted patinas will speak to those who reject unsustainable trends. 

We covet talismans and treasured pieces that celebrate soul and are tactile in hand, with makers marks and love from the heart of the human who brought them into being. Our hope is to inspire conscious change within the retail landscape while continuing to ignite creativity in our community of non-common design lovers. 

Earth Care

Our beautiful black parcels are gift-wrapped for you in kraft paper sourced from certified sustainable plantation forests. We use Ecotape which is made from renewable materials, making it the best eco-friendly tape solution available on the market. Any notes you might receive from Fallow are printed on card made from recycled tee shirts. Our parcels are then lovingly tied with Fair Trade handmade Hemp twine.

Our packing is repurposed from various things we save to recycle. One of our founders moonlights as a shopfitter - purposefully salvaging bubble wrap and cardboard from various building projects for us to utilize that would otherwise go straight to landfill. We encourage you also to save and reuse our found packing products.

Our black satchels are home compostable, made from sustainable plants and non-toxic, compostable resin which break down and become food for earth worms. International orders are shipped in recycled cardboard envelopes or boxes. Our parcels are then shipped via Australia Post so together we are supporting carbon-offset projects that have positive environmental impacts.

Our ecommerce partner is Shopify. By Shopify’s calculations, a single delivery emits roughly one kilogram of carbon dioxide emissions. We are grateful they provide a service we use called Offset which calculates the delivery emissions of every single one of our orders using package weight, distance travelled, and mode of transportation. We are then billed monthly with the full amount going directly to the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Fallow also makes a monthly donation by way our of ‘Earthvoice’ to the Australian Conservation Foundation. If you would like to learn more about the ACF, please visit HERE. Donations can be made HERE.


We no longer buy and sell fashion because we believe there are enough clothes in the world. We encourage you to revisit all the beautiful garments you have currently in your wardrobe. If you previously purchased clothing from Fallow it was crafted with integrity and made to last. Quality and longevity were our prerequisites when selecting pieces for the store. If you are interested to read more on the impact of fast fashion and over consumption please visit HERE