F: One thing we undeniably love about Werkstatt:Munchen is your commitment to your craft. In a world of fast fashion you have set your brand apart from disposable trends and cemented yourself firmly by reinventing longevity and tradition. New family heirlooms to be passed onto the next generation. What bought on this intention in your work?
KL: Thank you for seeing so clearly. I want to create pieces of sustainability and meaning.
You have to be happy once you own one of our pieces, therefore we try to do the best possible work on a piece of jewellery. We take care for the inside and the soldering point, often we put effort on places you only discover on second sight. I’m convinced, even if you can’t see, you’ll feel.
Design wise we strongly work on developing “balanced“pieces, meaning tension on the perfect spot of the composition. Luckily, we are able to invent and build every missing part we need, no matter if a tool or a closure.
F: Was it with you from the beginning?
KL: Yes, jewellery is emotion and it deserves awareness… in the process of developing and in the process of wearing.
F: Since founding Werkstatt:Munchen in 1996, you have explored not only jewellery but eyewear, homewares (we covet these silver treasures) and accessories. Do you have any intentions of collaborating further in the future?
KL: Yes. We try to do the work where we are needed. This means if we invent a new field, it’s because we can’t find anything correlating our universe. Like eyewear in sterling silver in a certain clarity and solidity. If we start a collaboration it’s because the resources and knowledge of both partners are needed.
F: Our space in Fortitude Valley shared something in common with your wonderfully character filled atelier - both a wonder to explore ... Can you share a secret that has been perhaps hidden within the walls of Werkstatt:Munchen?
KL: It was an abandoned foundry, very traditional craftsmanship. We immediately discovered the beauty and the magic of this place. We try to justify the heritage with filling every corner with positive energy.
F: We are constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and relish the chance to spend time outdoors whenever possible. Your forthcoming collection features petals and flowers crafted in silver, please share your inspiration behind these softer styles.
KL: The inspiration was the idea of growth. In general, our work is often about transition or change, because as human beings we are constantly in a process of change, transition and development. Nothing shows the process of growing as beautiful as a bud turning into a blossom.
F: Sustainability is the new black. What practices do you have in place or are you currently exploring at the workshop in order to be more environmentally kind?
KL: As mentioned in the beginning, we try to build pieces of long use… in the best case they are passed on from generation to generation so our pieces should not end as disposal.
Besides that we are working with a company that provides us only recycled fine metal, no metal gained by exploiting rivers or mines.