In Tera, Krist Mort explores the primal origins of the human body. Birth to decay is portrayed in desolate landscapes and abstract forms. Available at FALLOW


Krist Mort | Tera

Krist Mort returns to the world of published photography with Tera. Her publication began with Inlumaeh: a recount of the general aesthetics of previous work. Krist Mort presents Tera as a more focused publication and exploration. A voyage through the origins of the body. A voyage through the life of the body. Through the creation of life, the eventual end of this journey and through to the next.

Krist Mort and Primal Shape

Throughout Tera, Krist Mort surveys the landscape of the human form. She begins with images of the body itself. She identifies the shapes of the body - the photos grow more abstract. Earth represents limb. Limb represents terrain. Krist Mort sees the body as an extension of its environment -taking its shape from its surrounds. The photos continue to flow. Bodies contort around themselves and each other. Krist Mort creates a topography of the land from the human form. A topography of a windblown desert where life is short and poignant. A desert blown into reoccurring shapes.

Krist Mort and the Earth Cycle

Krist Mort presents a continual cycle. A sandstorm blows in Tera's photographs covering the bodies. This covering the bodies wear becomes marked through their journey. And these marks disappear as one journey ends only to emerge on future bodies. From the earth came the dust, upon the earth the dust walked and the dust returns to the earth as it was. This is the message of Krist Mort - the birth and decay of the human body. A rooted cycle that entwines mankind through its destined disintegration. A representation of the body as its basic element. The first material used by man. The building block of our most eternal structures. These are the photographs of earth. This is the publication of Krist Mort's Tera. krist-mort-tera-book-fallow-store-4 krist-mort-tera-book-fallow-store-2 krist-mort-tera-book-fallow-store-5 krist-mort-tera-book-fallow-store-6   Words | Rob Woodgate