735185_10151437059150348_1368959646_n Song for the Mute is Australia's answer to the prayers of many searching for something more in modern menswear. The young brand is turning heads in the fashion world due to their unique approach to a somewhat limited silhouette. The use of luxurious fabrications in minimal styles is resonating with a new breed of men who appreciate the quality, cut and subtle details.


Septieme is the new offering from talented design duo Lyna Ty and Melvin Tanaya for Fall/Winter 2013. The collection consists of signature styles reworked with fabric fusions in mind for the for the future...Song for the Mute is in store and online now at Fallow. 59887_10151437059415348_1426304051_n   309560_10151437059240348_441261954_n   321478_10151437059345348_547489419_n   734780_10151437059380348_1994037491_n   409619_10151437059420348_840742286_n   312464_10151437059340348_978476587_n   543831_10151437059500348_1699341160_n   603135_10151437059235348_918595980_n