SFTM_fallow_11 GREY is the name of the new Fall Winter 2014 collection by Song for the Mute. Fabric development has been a focus with the brands offering featuring more unique textures within the minimal shapes and modern silhouettes.The new collection is in store and online now at Fallow. SFTM_f   SFTM_fa   SFTM_fal   SFTM_fall   SFTM_fallo   SFTM_fallow   SFTM_fallow_1   SFTM_fallow_2   SFTM_fallow_3   SFTM_fallow_4   SFTM_fallow_5   SFTM_fallow_6   SFTM_fallow_7   SFTM_fallow_8   SFTM_fallow_9   SFTM_fallow_10