Feed the Tape is the début album by German composer Orson Hentschel. The offering is a reference to the influence of minimalist composer Steve Reich on Hentshcel's own work. Hentschel employs pattern loops that sway in-and-out of sync as they progress. As well as using various instruments and tones to play more with timbre than harmony. Orson Hentschel and by extension, Feed the Tape, is foremost algorithmic by design process.

Hentschel's Noise of the Light

Hentschel's song Noise of the Light pulsates, beginning a gradual evolution of African percussion. These pulsations build momentum, growing higher in tonality, as the song continues. The drums grow distorted - simulated overpowering. As the beat rises to a crescendo it ceases altogether leaving only static. The static descends to a single held note, continues its descent for several seconds, and the drums begin again. The initial pulsations build. Hertschel's pattern grows faster now, the distortion keeping pace. Once more, the drum beat crescendos to white noise. A wave of sound washes over the noise calming the rippling lake. Again, the drums build, crescendo and the held note ends the piece.


Hentschel's What's Going On

The track What's Going On begins immediately. A continuous cymbal rattle overlaid with a droning electronic hum. Hentschel begins to use syncopation. The drums break free for a moment, beating their own rhythm and time. The electronic drone wrestles back control and then silences the drums with its own rhythm. This pattern repeats, growing faster. The electronic beat now desperate to match the timbre of drum. The drum continues its pattern adding syncopated cymbals as it does. The electronica silences the drum once again. It now plays slower, deeper; it's own rhythm. The drums now return with a vengeance. Both playing their own rhythm, forming a drone. Building intensity - a voice yells. And then silence.

Feed the Tape | Mood and Feeling

With Noise of the Light Hentschel suggests an evolution of the drum beat. An evolution to electronica and modernity. Despite this evolution, African percussion pervades the electronic - it remembers its embryonic stage. What's Going On creates a feeling of battle between the past and present, between the drum and electronic beat. A battle that is still ongoing.

Feed The Tape is available now on Denovali

Words | Rob Woodgate