Leonardo Solaas | Orbitants

Leonardo Solaas was born in Argentina and now lives in Buenos Aires. His artistic explorations have focused on elements of computation, interactivity and generative processes. Throughout his work, Solaas has developed software in his ongoing search for the boundaries between art and computational generation. With this in mind, enter Orbitants.

The Orbitants

The Orbitants are a collection of images created by orbiting particles in a two dimensional space. By overlaying each section of a given particle's orbit a shape forms. Order emerges from the chaos. This is the nature of Leonardo Solaas' art. The viewer seeks for a structure in the maelstrom of electronic noise that is Orbitants. The minutia of details present create dense images. To the viewer, Leonardo Solaas' computer does not simulate the movement of particles but a cosmic ballet. A universe contained in the name of art. The removal of the third dimension is, of course, a simplification of our universe. A universe that we still do not have a complete understanding of. Yet, Solaas' work is understandable, there is a distinct order to what was chaotic.

But Is It Art?

Leonardo Solaas operates on the edge of the new frontier - art created by a machine that is set up by the artist. The computer program is a new tool only in recent history that has been adapted to the world of visual art. Ultimately, there is no difference between a paintbrush and computer. They are both tools for the artist in the pursuance of their idea. Art is a dialogue. It is a discussion and representation of our societies and peoples. The addition of the computer program expands the language of art and the possibilities of the artist. So to me I would classify The Orbitants of Leonardo Solaas as art as well as a stepping stone in the development of future art. orbitants-leonardo-solaas-fallow-store-1 orbitants-leonardo-solaas-fallow-store-2 orbitants-leonardo-solaas-fallow-store-3 orbitants-leonardo-solaas-fallow-store-4 orbitants-leonardo-solaas-fallow-store-5

Words | Rob Woodgate