Teri Varhol | Non-Linear

Born in the Czech Republic, Teri Varhol spent 6 years studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology. Varhol relocated to London, UK in 2012 where she lives and breathes her art.

Behind the craft

Teri incorporates digital manipulation and traditional techniques in her photographic works to conceptualise her ideas of memento mori. Varhol captures images of textures and subjects other's may take for granted, shedding light on the darkness that envelopes these intriguing forms and shapes. Her images convey a stillness, a moment in time shrouded in obscure shadows.

teri-varhol-fallow-6 teri-varhol-fallow-1 teri-varhol-fallow-3 teri-varhol-fallow-5