Modelling Poetry | Melik Ohanian

Melik Ohanian's Modelling Poetry installation imagines the catastrophic collision between two galaxies. Inspired by the prediction of such an event arising between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy within the next four billions years by NASA. Ohanian has created scenes in which the two dimensions meet, exploring the possibilities and outcomes of such an event.

Melik Ohanian | Himself

French artist Melik Ohanian of Armenia dependence shares his time between Paris and New York. His works analyse the influence of images. Melik works with many visual mediums, including film, photography, sculpture and installation. Ohanian uses many of the same subjects in his work: the demise of Utopian societies, desolate landscapes, the working class world and social, historical and scientific facts.

  Modelling Poetry | Exhibiting

Melik's Modelling Poetry, Algorithm as a Screenplay, 2014 installation along with his Shell sculptural works was part of this year's 20th Biennale of Sydney. His body of work can be viewer in numerous exhibitions around the world.


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Words | A.Wright