Kendall Buster | Miniature Monumental

Exhibited around the world, Kendall Buster is a sculptor and artist. Her work Miniature Monumental is an ongoing project that revisits the methods of model making and architecture from a biological perspective. In her work, Buster has created an inventory of architectural phenotypes that have emerged from the simple planar models.

Protection and Confinement

Miniature Monumental is a return to Buster’s interest in the abstraction of sculpture, architectural design and the meeting point of the two. Her  models are emblematic of observation towers and watching posts and inexitable mazes and death pits. The structures of Miniature Monumental simultaneously evoke a sense of safety and imprisonment. Kendall Buster’s work corresponds to the psychological aspect of architecture, its relationship with the viewer, its ability to control and change the dynamics of an individual’s mind as well as represent the inherent system of power between those inside and those outside.

Biological Architecture

Buster’s synthesis of architectural form and the application of those forms has created an inherent eroticism. The erotic nature of the miniatures has emerged from the combination of shapes - this penetrates, they embrace, that contains. Buster considers the work endless, a never to be completed assembly patchwork quilt of structures. Each model is a growth on the landscape that is at once both a distinct from and connected with the other structures. Kendall Buster’s models are a continual exploration of these growths and their mutations, of the infinite combinations of architectural phenotypes. The interconnected nature of the overall work is mirrored by the relationship between the model and its monument. The change in effect and viewer’s affect caused by the reduction in size, the question of what elements remain, the distillation of the emotion of architecture. Kendall’s work, Miniature Monumental, forces each viewer to question the architecture of their surroundings and its impact on the psyches of themselves and others.

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Words | Rob Woodgate