Megafossil | Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt

Danish photography based visual artists, Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt's Megafossil series centers on the Kongeegen "the King's Oak". The Kongeegen is a living relic situated within the woods by Jægerspris, north of Copenhagen.

The large scale photographs show detailed sections of the Oak and are printed upon wood, using a process of overlapping inks, giving a more textural effect. Along side these awe inspiring photographs is a small box which holds a branch from the tree itself.

Kongeegen | The King's Oak

Koneegen is one of the oldest living organisms in Europe. Living for over a thousand years and bearing witness to the passing of time. A poignant reminder of how brief our time on Earth is, which is something both of the artists connect with.

The idea behind Megafossil

"Megafossil examines the concept of time. Standing in the presence of the King’s Oak there is a sense of connection with history. The tree is a witness to the passing of time and an image of something larger than us." "By focusing on parts and sections of the tree we wanted to take the tree out of context, away from its natural environment and into the museum space. We wanted to look at the tree in isolation, not only as a piece of nature, but also as an object."

nicolai-howalt-trine-sondergaard-megafossil-fallow-4 nicolai-howalt-trine-sondergaard-megafossil-fallow nicolai-howalt-trine-sondergaard-megafossil-fallow-2

Words | A.Wright

Quote Source | Jeu De Paume