Billy Bartel, the creative force behind Vim Beget took some time to answer some of our burning questions...    

Some names have meaning, whereas others are just dreamed up. Does your label name mean anything?  

Vim Beget is one of those with meaning. The words are both under used English words that translate roughly to 'life creates' . The idea of philosophy being that your experiences make what you are.....and what you are creates your experiences. The idea works itself into the pieces when I design them, I try to let them be imperfect and one of a kind. Kinda like life.    

Your label has a strong masculine aesthetic and is quite minimal and dark. What is the underlying concept behind Vim Beget and what of yourself have you imparted on the label?  

It is definitely meant to be slightly more masculine but not just for men. The philosophy is to create things that are strong yet soft-spoken. Different looking but very utilitarian. I tend to gravitate to simple, functional and unique. The goal with every piece is to try to pair it down to it's essential elements but make the elements and the whole interesting.

  vim 2  

Your jewellery encompasses a range of obscure and unique metals. How do you source these rare materials, and what motivates you to use them in your creations?  

The Shibuichi is probably the most obscure. A fair amount of research went into finding out about it. I love a good concept or story and Shibuichi is a metal that has a lot of tradition in the Japanese culture of Katana sword making. The idea that you can wear a ring or cuff that is made of a metal most commonly used in ancient sword making is exciting to me. It makes the wearer feel that the piece is all that more special too.    

Do you have in your possession a treasured piece of jewellery that you wear religiously?  

Yes, I wear bracelets that I haven't taken off for years. They are the most common. I like wearing rings also. I think the most treasured pieces would be some of the chains and one-off pendants I first crafted for Vim Beget.

vim 3  

Your label is your conduit to share your creations, and more importantly your ideas with the world. Is there anything you seek to impart on the men of this world in relation to style?  

Don't over or under do it. In any aspect of your life or fashion. Find a balance.     Are there places you wish to travel to when you are not busy creating designs in the studio? I really love the ocean. It's scares the crap out of me and relaxes me like nothing else. I happen to love travel. So travelling to the ocean wherever that may be is definitely a favorite.

Thank you for sharing this insight with Fallow Billy, we are extremely honoured to offer your creations within our walls.