Brisbane based sculptural artist, Luke Mansini of RELIK Design will be taking part in a new multi-sensory group exhibition MADE/ARRANGED. Being held at the Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney, MADE/ARRANGED features four artists of different mediums exhibiting works that collectively celebrate finding your inner Zen. The exhibition will showcase abstract landscapes by Heidi Melamed, paintings by Midori Furze, ceramics by Louisa Hart and Luke's Ikebana sculptures.

Luke Mansini | RELIK

Luke Mansini is a multifaceted artist who's works can only be described as breath taking. Working under his design name Relik Designs, Luke works with his hands, shunning mass production. His objects reflect the chaotic beauty of his surroundings. Using raw materials such as concrete, sand and paint to create intriguing, tactile pieces. Luke's design philosophy, if you will is to make objects that enhance it's owners's experience, either by standing alone as a distinct sculpture or being utilized to house soil, water and plant life.


Ikebana is the Japanese art of flora arrangement. Ikebana is a disciplined practice that harmonizes nature with humanity. Each arrangement is constructed using living branches, grasses, leaves and flowers placed in a carefully thought out manner. Lines, colours and shapes come together to play an important role in creating Ikebana. Luke Mansini's foray into Ikebana works incredibly well with his raw, natural aesthetic. Ikebana is considered an art in the same way that a painting and a sculpture are.

Exhibition | Works

The MADE/ARRANGED exhibition will begin on the 30th of June and run until the 17th of July. A selection of RELIK pieces can be viewed and acquired within our walls and online at FALLOW.

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Words | A.Wright