The idea behind LUCID was to create a surreal world. Misplaced geometric shapes cast from light that seemingly do not belong yet interact and blend with its surroundings. The shapes emphasize the forms onto which they are cast in the most simple of ways. Untouched landscapes are transformed by electroluminescent light. A single light source tells an unspoken story of magic and loneliness.

The intention was to summarize all installations in a cinematographic way to create a touching short film.

Tarek Mawad | Friedrich van Schoor

Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor who form the 3hund collective are two German visual artist. Both gentleman share the same unwavering passion for nature, exploration and dark melancholic images. The fine line between beauty, darkness and loneliness is the cornerstone of each new project the duo produce. Friedrich and Tarek strongly believe in creating each installation in real time. Nothing is added to their works post-production which adds to the beauty of their art.


The intention of the short film is to summarise all of Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor's installations into a cinematographic spectical that can be viewed here...

lucid-art-fallow-store-5 lucid-art-fallow-store-4 lucid-art-fallow-store-3 lucid-art-fallow-store-2 lucid-art-fallow-store-1 lucid-art-fallow-store-10

Words | A.Wright