Luce Pelletier | Identity Paper

Luce Pelletier delves into the fragility of our mortality in her wallpaper sculptures. Using wallpaper striped from abandoned houses, Pelletier chose this medium intentionally for it's delicate state. Her sculptures will decay over time, casting back to our inevitable nature.

Remember Death

Luce Pelletier's sculptural work has a strong connection to the Latin phrase Memento Mori, which translates to "remember you must die". While death can be discomforting, there cannot be life without death. Pelletier questions this discomfort, using skulls and disembodied limbs that are hauntingly striking.

Luce's Word

“I create sculptures with hybrid forms that suggest a re-nature. Thus I try to update our perception of nature in order to grasp the urgency of a reconciliation and the responsibility of men with the other kingdoms that share their world. ”

luce-pelletier-fallow-store luce-pelletier-fallow-store-2

Words | A.Wright