F: Sustainability is hugely important to us at Fallow. You work with recycled precious metals and stones, what made you decide to use sustainable materials for your jewellery?

SLP: Becoming aware of how wasteful the mainstream fashion industry is - and harmful. I smelt and refine silver and gold scrap myself, or when necessary, I purchase recycled metal from a reputable eco-friendly foundry.

Many clients send me their stones to be re-set into a new design, which inspired me to source recycled stones for one-of-a-kind pieces. When I do use new stones I try to source them from local stone cutters.

F: The pieces you hand forge for our clients at Fallow are one of a kind and custom crafted, what is the benefits of working on a one of a kind and custom basis?

SLP: Since each piece is handwrought, everything is one of a kind.

The fact that each design is made by hand, per order, allows the client to customize their piece: The thickness of the metal, the width of the band (for rings), the material. The design you see in the photos can simply be the starting point. All designs can be made in 925 silver, gold, platinum or palladium.

F: Maker’s marks are intentionally left behind on your work, what is the sentiment behind this?

SLP: I love the dichotomy of precious metal and imperfection. I want to express that beauty and imperfection are one and the same.

F: Heritage has heavily influenced your work. Can you give us some insight into the time honoured methods you use in your work?

SLP: Using my mind, my hands, and my heart from start to finish: rolling sheet, hand sawing, forming, creating all texture by hand and heat. That is what my ancestors did, and I honour them by keeping my methods traditional.

F: Your jewellery has an individuality and strength to it, a power. What inspires you to create such statement pieces?

SLP: The inspiration to create is the inspiration. I gravitate towards minimalist and masculine so I create pieces that reflect that aesthetic. In doing so I have drawn a client base who share that aesthetic. The most satisfying part of making pieces for others is the fact that we share the same ideals of beauty. I don’t have to explain anything to them.

One of my clients shared this sentiment with me, and I think it states everything I said above in a more eloquent way “I love your jewellery. It is as if your work has a voice.“