Insight | LYLEU

We had the pleasure of speaking with one of our artisans, Sally Leung, the creative mind behind Sydney based jewellery label LYLEU...

F: What is the vision behind your latest dark offering: TOMB?

 SL: I’ve always been fascinated by the implements, tools, and jewellery that I saw in museums. Their pasts are somewhat known to us, but we never really know specifically how it’s owner used it in their daily life and how they actually felt about it. That thought always goes through my mind when I’m looking at classical art or second-hand objects and clothes. 

I wanted to create a collection of pieces inspired by that feeling of not only mystery and curiosity, but also familiarity. So the pieces are modelled off a lot of classic and medieval inspired shapes, but in a contemporary setting they’re given a brand new course of history.

F: Many of your pieces are blackened which really resonates with us at Fallow. Does your personal style reflect in the pieces you create?

SL: My personal style definitely reflects itself in my work. It kind of works both ways where I’m inspired to create objects that I would want to wear with my clothes, and the clothes I buy also end up inspiring what I make and the style I want to continue to work in. I like playing with silhouettes that make me feel confident and strong but also be practical, and that’s definitely always at the forefront of my mind when it comes to designing.  

F: You have sighted that you are inspired by the textures of our natural world. Where do you go to find solace and inspiration?

 SL: I love going away into rural or more nature filled parts of Australia every few months. I grew up and live in the northern beaches of Sydney which is probably the closest you can get to nature without leaving the city, and I’ve really grown to appreciate that in my adulthood. Nature helps reset your mental health in ways you don’t really feel until you’re actually there and it’s dead quiet except for the sound of birds, water, and leaves rustling in the wind. Textures of naturally eroded rocks are a huge source of inspiration for a lot of artists, but it’s more the idea of something being affected by the natural course of the elements that I find really inspiring. Nature doesn’t ever stop working, its harsh and soft at the same time, and it inspires me to be the same in my own work and life.

F: Music invokes inspiration in us at Fallow. Is there any one piece of music that has had a significant influence on your work?

SL: I don’t think I can really name just one piece of music, but the artists I always listen to are often within the metal sub genres, electronic/atmospheric music, and film scores.

Each collection I create kind of ends up having its own soundtrack but what’s recently/always been on rotation in my workspace is Godflesh, Electric Wizard, Jesu, Zola Jesus, Chelsea Wolfe, Now Now, and Miserable. Also my friends in Death Bells and Potion both released some great records this year, it’s all the more inspiring to see your own friends working hard at their craft and doing amazing things. I also love nature recordings and always turn to them when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. All of these things combined will give me inspiration. It’s a nice combination of harsh and soft noises that we all need to stay sane.  

Images by Dakota Gordon.