We spoke with Jess Blak about her minimal adornments created exclusively for Fallow. Her works are available to purchase here...

F: Your work has a dark and organic romanticism, what has led you to create such esoteric works?

Thank you! I grew up reading Vampire novels, mainly Anne Rice and I fell in love with the way she wrote about the characters and the antiquity of their fashion, it told a story of their nature and it really made me think about the way we present ourselves and the story we are trying to tell the world through that. I also always had a fascination with Egyptian tombs, particularly the ritual of leaving objects with their dead to pass into the afterlife (so morbid!) but i always found it really beautiful, the small collection of wears that you choose to take with you. I think i aim to create pieces that you choose, rather than just throwing something together if that makes sense? I also have this romanticism with quality objects/clothes, something that you will keep or pass on to somebody whom you think it should belong to... I think my ideal customer feels like this about the world we live in. There is so much.... junk... in the world right no, fashion wise and pollution wise... i want to make beautiful things that do not contribute to that.

F: Before you delved into the world of jewellery making you quote that you were ‘a collector’. What was the defining moment that turned collector into creator?

JB: I started studying an arts degree in Melbourne and initially worked in the sculpture department. When I moved back to Brisbane, part of my required learning was Jewellery and Small Objects, and as soon as I got into the studio I was bursting with ideas. I'd always loved jewellery and really it was still a form of sculpture, just using a specialised medium and working on a smaller scale. I quickly changed my major and haven't looked back, it seemed like the most organic thing when I started, I had so much inspiration, I picked up the skills really quickly and I just love my continued exploration of the craft.

F: Many of your pieces are meticulously hand sculpted and unrepeatable. Can you tell us why you are drawn to use such an unpredictable method?

JB: I hate repeating myself... just ask my husband! I guess I just like to keep it fresh for myself. So many people talk about their passions and how they turned it into a job and now all the love is gone. I just don't ever want that to happen. I want to keep pushing my ability forward. I'm always looking for new ways to reinvent the stone settings or create new textures. I think also, truth be told I try to make jewellery that I like, and I like unique things that I haven't seen before... so that’s how they end up.


F: The capsule collection you have created for Fallow is comprised of minimal and versatile earrings. What was the vision behind these adornments?

JB: I wanted to create a small series that are as you say versatile, they are perfect for every day and comfortable to wear. As it’s my first collaboration with Fallow, I wanted the pieces to be timeless and relay the ethos of the structure of my designs; well crafted, textural, comfortable to wear and timeless.

Images courtesy of Jade Ferguson of Visual Poets Society
Models | Anna Reynolds & Emma Sparks