F: You work with cold enamel in this new Limited Edition collection. How difficult was the technique to master and what does the process involve?

AH: I think the most difficult part of working with cold enamel is to apply the resin solution (multiple colors especially) on curved surfaces without slipping off. I’ve been experimenting for quite some time and timing is key!

F: Some say Ethiopian black opals are a Storm element stone symbolizing death and rebirth. Your inspiration behind ONCE was the Japanese proverb ‘Ichi-go ichi-e’ – one opportunity, one encounter. These moments and life itself are fleeting. Was working with black opals a deliberate decision based on this theme or was this serendipitous?

AH: I wasn't aware of that when I first decided to use black opals in my designs. I chose this particular gemstone because of its unique flash, as there won’t be any identical opal stones even it’s been polished or faceted. F. Scott Fitzgerald, who once said, “There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.”

F: You frequently make pieces from your first collection on a made to order basis for us here at Fallow. (thank you) Did you decide to present a limited edition collection this time as you were exploring the sentiment ‘not everything is meant to be long lasting’?

AH: Indeed! Since this collection is about embracing the beauty of transience, so I feel like presenting some limited edition pieces this time.

F: What is your most treasured memory from your recent travels to Japan? Did you manage to see the ‘fleeting’ cherry blossoms?

AH: My day trip to Kyoto was definitely the highlight of my recent trip to Japan! Besides visiting the museums and galleries around the city, I also went to Ginkaku-ji temple again, it’s one of my favorite temple in Kyoto! Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the cherry blossoms, cos I was in Japan around mid Feb and it was still very cold that time.