F: Hakudo is a scent unlike any other we have experienced, complex yet familiar. How did the scent come about?

A: We are always fascinated when the familiar matter happens to spark an inspiration or brings out an awareness that generate a small change within the way you look at things.

 Hakudo is composed of grass, leaf, needles, fruit, wood, resin, moss, and herb, all those components one might have experienced in the air of a nature. At the same time, they come in a rather unconventional composition that bring out the bare purity of each component. The scent is abstract but deeply rooted to the earth.

 It is important to us that the scent we create offers a generous space, that one can freely explore and discover different facets each time. 

F: Beautiful presentation is very important to us at Fallow. Each of your offerings in the Hakudo series is packaged so uniquely, can you give us some insight into the inspiration behind your packaging?

A: We created our packaging as an extension of the product which comes to fit inside and with the hope it could continue its life with a different purpose once the product is taken out.

Our main packaging is a box made of paulownia wood. This traditional material has been long used in Japan to store artefacts and precious object, and we wanted these pieces to be also present in our current lifestyle within a contemporary aesthetic.

For that reason also, we kept the design of the box rather minimal and geometric, so it finds a spot within a wide range of living styles. 

F:Japan inspires us in so many ways and your brand has a strong reference to the Japanese aesthetic. What is most inspiring about Japanese culture for you?

A: I guess the attentive care to the details and the natural attitude to devote abundant time and effort in each steps of creations.

F: You are both well-travelled and have lived in some wonderful places around the world (including our base in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane). What drew you to your current studio in Berlin?

A: We were very interested to explore an authentic approach of creating scent for spaces that does not have to refer to the standard examples, and for that reason, it was very important to find a more neutral place to gain the clearness and peace of mind. 

Berlin offers a great sense of freedom and its rather undeveloped state definitely gives us a space to explore.

 F: Scent is very unique field to work within, what secret would you share with your younger self now that you are established in the world of fragrance?

A: The potential of intangible scent has always moved us and we are still continuously learning and encountering new perspectives through different olfactory experiences. 

One thing however I could say to my younger-self, would be not to force the idea or concept too much during the scent creation process. It is important to leave a good space between yourself and the materials you work with, in order to let them have a chance to tell their own story. 

Images courtesy of Aorio