02714b837052ebeb3249be1b3378aa61 Large bodies of ice are both surreal and impressive with a dynamic presence... German born photographer Jan Erik Waider captures the beauty of the North like no other. His photographs of raw and unapproachable landscapes are haunting beautiful and take the viewer on a visual journey of enchantment. Ice-scapes form a great deal of the passionate artists subject matter, thoughtfully captured with careful consideration and intuition.   149e752ffa964906b42cd0f193040164   6437ccb494a351bbc62f1cbd93e11338   f26bcef718a9ccc7988fc21b4e0bf7ec   b40b4e0d96be2433dc58494dac80c87a   695e542faf7f19081a8dc85d9a40e9d2