Helene Binet | Composing Space

Helene Binet is among one of the world’s most renowned architectural photographers. Working only with film, Binet’s devotion to analog is what makes her work all the more striking. Binet's adherence to film means her work captures the true nature of her subject. Her images focus on portions of buildings, often bathed in light and enveloped in shadows, giving depth and dimension.

Helene Binet | Zaha Hadid

Over her career of more than 25 years, Helene Binet has worked with many incredible names in contemporary architecture, including Zaha Hadid with whom she worked closely with. Hadid requesting Binet follow construction through to completion, capturing the raw strength of Zaha's iconic buildings as they rose.

Helene Binet | Process

"On the other end of this process, there are the finished forms which I sometimes portray at night with sporadic illumination. The obscurity isolates them and the light accentuates their volumes. My focus is on creating images of the buildings which have a sense of being unreal and that have a certain autonomy. small and big parts of the building can now stand on their own and become independent characters."

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Words | A.Wright