Even After All | Nicholas K Feldmeyer

Even After All echoes Nicholas K Feldmeyer's previous series After All. Both works invoke romantic imagery of awe-inspiring nature and monumental land art. The images are created using 3D computer software. In After All a rectangular slice of light is injected into a landscape. In Even After All Feldmeyer wanted the viewer to feel as though they are standing inside a gigantic room and looking out.

Nicholas K Feldmeyer

The work of London-based artist Nicholas Feldmeyer is a fusion of structure in chaos, working mostly within a geometric and monochromatic confine. Feldmeyer captures unseen landscapes in his topography, exploring the arrangement of natural and artificial physical features. This can be best seen in this series.

Inspirations | Hiroshi Sugimoto

Even After All is greatly inspired by iconic Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto's works. Drawing on Sugimoto's cinematic style of timelessness. Capturing vastness and simplicity. Nicholas states that Sugimoto's ideas for his work seem simple yet profound which no doubt can be seen in Feldmeyer's work as well.

nicholas-k-feldmeyer-even-after-all-2 nicholas-k-feldmeyer-even-after-all-4 nicholas-k-feldmeyer-even-after-all-5

Words | A.Wright


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