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A twenty five year old Frenchman, Clement Balavoine was first attracted to the creative arts in his early youth. Following this passion, Balavoine studied product design, graduating in 2012. He moved to London and spent twelve months designing for various fashion brands before moving to China where he travels between Guangzhou and Hong Kong, designing for the brand United Nude. Restless and fuelled by a constant desire to strip away the extraneous elements and bear the integral qualities of creativity, Clement Balavoine created Lines. A magazine of proportions, compositions and aesthetics, Lines collects a series of interviews. 

The Philosophy of Clement Balavoine

Throughout his entire career, Balavoine has concerned himself with the inspiration and process of creative works. Applying this to Lines, Balavoine seeks to uncover and present the concepts shared by creative minds, regardless of background. Balavoine has interviewed musicians, models, illustrators, photographers, tattooists and designers throughout the life of Lines. Each aesthetic is assessed in its composition and thought process, each artist in their inspiration and influences. In so doing, Lines allows the viewer to divide and classify artists, from the rest of society, from their various movements, to the individual separation of artists. Yet it also allows the viewer to note the careful similarities between these various levels of the creative sphere. 

Architectural Lines

So, we reach the current issue of Lines where Clement Balavoine extends the application to the sphere of architecture. Here, perhaps, is the most noticeable connection between the various spheres as the architect creates a canvas to be populated by the works of the other spheres of creativity. The lines that run through these works are the most literal, forming the skeleton of their designs, forming the flesh ready to be marked and scarred by its experiences, forming the influence for future creative minds and continuing the endless line of creativity.

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Words | Rob Woodgate

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