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AndyR is where elements and principles of art are explored to create hair. Understanding the very depths of their craft creates a manifestation of skill and knowledge. Experimentation and a passion for what they love sets Andy.R apart. We are honoured to present AndyR live in store at Fallow in April.

AndyR | Salon

Based in Melbourne, the salon pays deep respect to minimalistic design, drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus and Brutalist eras. Their philosophy stands free from artificial and forceful hairdressing. AndyR artisans embrace, rather than conceal, the distinct characteristics and imperfections of each person’s hair. They use dry cutting and other specialized techniques that have been perfected over three generations. AndyR’s signature designs build shape into the hair to create looks that compliment new growth gracefully. He artfully destructs the hair to give body, balance and new form.

AndyR | Craft

AndyR has dedicated the last 13 years to understanding the fundamentals and mastery of cutting techniques. He has also created new and innovative techniques, whose boundaries are yet to be explored. His artistry requires specific in depth training, dedication and a unique understanding to be achieved. This combination ensures results that cannot be replicated by just anyone. Andy's response to the energies around him whilst cutting hair is completely engaging. He finds spending intimate time with each person that puts their trust in him has a profound impact on his motivation. These intimate moments give him the desire to continue his immersive body of work.

Director, Andy Restuccia will be cutting hair exclusively for Fallow on Sunday April 10 and Monday April 11. To be apart of this experience, please contact us for appointments at or telephone the store during business hours on 07) 3854 0155

Spaces are limited.