Absent Vessel | Andy Mattern

Andy Mattern's works "Absent Vessels" are a series of photograms of crushed polystyrene cups found discarded in the street. These vessels were flatted and transformed into empty, fragile shapes. Each urban relic has been individually pressed up against photography paper in a darkroom and exposed to light. The light purposefully passes through each object, imprinting the textures from both sides and merging the two together into a new surface.

Andy Mattern

Andy Mattern is a visual artist who is currently teaching Photography and Digital Media at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Andy uses subjects often overlooked, observing the connections between people and the harsh city environment. Mattern's works delve into the relics left behind unconsciously by humans in public spaces. He does not focus his work on people but rather the traces we leave in our wake.

andy-mattern-absent-vessel-fallow-3   andy-mattern-absent-vessel-fallow-4   andy-mattern-absent-vessel-fallow-5

Words | A.Wright