The Collapse Of Cohesion

A series of charcoal drawings and two installations, Levi van Veluw's Collapse Of Cohesion took from the artist's boyhood bedroom. Each image was a careful composition of drawing studies and the thematic synthesis. Disintegrating his previous works of control and structure, Van Veluw disrupted the order, shifting to a world of chaos. A human world. A world of collapsed desks, fallen cupboards and fragmented cabinets marked the moment of destruction. Yet it is this destruction that births the new, the form of life post-childhood. In so doing, van Veluw was just as interested, at the age of twenty-one, at the events that had lead him to his position in the universe. It was as much a questioning of gravity's effect on his life as on the objects that surrounded him.

The Many Sides Of Levi van Veluw

Born in 1985, van Veluw has created a vast body of work that spans the forms of photography, video, sculpture, drawing and multiple media installation. His work often draws its thematic and narrative focuses from elements of his own life and experiences. The Collapse Of Cohesion extended this method to an instant of time, centring on the obsessive and melancholic struggle of regulated chaos. Van Veluw had extrapolated from his own life to all lives to the fundamental in his desire to understand the maelstrom of the universe and the compulsion of quietude.

The Inherent Equilibrium Of Disorder

The forces of nature - gravity, radiation, heat, light - affect the multitude of humanity and structures. It is this fundamental principle that interested van Veluw as he constructed a new, natural, order of the structures. A consistent logic, that of physics, bound the images within a resting equilibrium, satisfying both the need for a framework and the fascination of the anarchic.

Words | Rob Woodgate