Australian clothing label Trimapee is slowing redefining the meaning of expressive fashion.? With?their unique thematic designs and combination of fabrics, ranging from?raw cut leather to sumptuous silks; Trimapee steers away from commercial fashion trends and embraces its eclectic nature.?
Launched in?2005 by designer Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci,?from its inception,?Trimapee aimed to create collections for both men and women that tranformed the ordinary into an expression of individual character...?
This season, the designers step away from the multi-layers and dramatic drapes which have become a staple in past seasons, and have favoured a more clean and stripped back approach, letting the cloth speak for itself. Using fabrics such as virgin wool, silk voile, merino rib and cotton cashmere, the collection is enthralled by the cloth, which highlights the fine tailoring and detailing of each garment...
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