Norman Cavazzana photography is a creative duo consisting of photographer Morgan Norman and creative director Marco Cavazzana. The duo is one of the latest and hottest talents to collaborate creatively within the photographic industry. We wanted to share these beautiful images with you...
The NC W.A.R W11 series is a unique 12 piece jewelry collection that features beautifully hand-crafted silver rings and brooches.With the use of black sapphires, white sapphires and rubies they create a sense of individuality and raw elegance.This collection reflects the beauty of imperfection, balancing the fine and the raw.The duo's jewelry brand NC W.A.R reflects the unremittable darkness that lies in the hearts of all Scandinavians,an unpolished beauty that has been forged from the raw materials of Nordic tundra.
Each design in the collection has been created in collaboration with two leading Swedish craftsmen, Jenny Edlund & Tobias Andersson.Jenny Edlund's incredible style of workmanship is unique and is the epitome of raw.?Tobias Andersson is a master craftsman in the realm of skull rings, his unique twist to the traditional skull ring has lead to an avid following of celebrities such as Madonna and film director Jonas ?kerlund.
The Stockholm / New York based duo is conceptualizing, experimenting and creating new ways to communicate by challenging the authenticity of reality, and by doing so creating a unique form of expression for the commercial and art realm.
Morgan Norman is a fashion and advertising photographer with professional experience internationally. Morgan?s main focus is on digital photography, modern techniques and unique compositions, with a high interest in the artistic aspect of the medium.
Marco Cavazzana is a creative director specializing in a multitude of digital art forms. The Venetian born artist has been featured in numerous modern art & design books and has worked on worldwide advertising campaigns. Raised and educated in Australia, his background in IT engineering / Media helped fuse his technological bond with his artistic expression. In early 2007, he approached photographer Morgan Norman and shortly after they formed the creative photography firm Norman Cavazzana.
Next season, Fallow will be presenting a new collection exclusive to us in?Brisbane by Swedish label Obscur.
The following short film was created by Norman Cavazzana...
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