Tettmann.Doust is the label of Naomi Tettmann and Elke Doust.
The design duo are a unique addition to the Australian fashion industry, offering thematic collections which investigate annual pattern blocks and original print and embellishment design.
Rather than follow the trends of the market, Tettmann.Doust is simply the result of complimentary oppositions and contrasts between the designers aesthetics. Great attention is paid to every single detail and the emphasis is always on innovation. A fresh approach to modern tailoring results in beautifully detailed, cutting-edge garments which remain highly functional.

'Aves Insecta' AW12 investigates the designers' interest in aesthetics associated with the classification, science and study of nature. Initial pattern-block sketches and a complex digital print were designed and developed by drawing inspiration from the anatomy of aves and insecta - birds and insects. The collection features a mix of beautifully draped and structured garments that simultaneously express a dark sophistication and whimsical sense of wonder. Embellishments of hand worked beading and embroidery, original digital prints and an emphasis on luxe natural fabrics such as silk, bamboo and fine calf leather reveal an easy luxury central to the label?s ethos. The kaleidoscopic print pays homage to the vibrant plumage of the Rainbow Bee-eater and luminescent wings of the Christmas beetle, displayed against a contrasting backdrop of black in varying shades and textures.

photography by Thom Kerr