Congratulations to Gail Reid of Gail Sorronda for her achievements in Rome.? Gail participated in Vogue Italia's "Who is on next?"competition... Although she did not win, she will head to Milan in September to show at Milan Fashion Week under the Vogue Italia banner.
Her latest collection Murmur will be arriving at Fallow in September, pre-orders are available now...
There?s a low continuous drone like a cloud of mosquitoes blanketing the sun. Distant murmurs on an island, their apparition drowned out in an oceanic swell of noise. Opiates have dulled the senses. Chemicals pattern the sky. The funeral procession is met head on in a solemn ceremony.

The beaded armour offers protection from the evil eye as the Sirocco wind starts to blow; whispering and touching us softly like raindrops. Our human instincts emanate from the heart. This beat is our sound.

Gail Sorronda is available exclusively in Brisbane at Bessie Head and Fallow.