Friedrich Gray is a dark, brooding character, an atypical
neo-gothic hero.
Alter ego of designer Ben Pollitt, Friedrich Gray
is the character upon which the label is based.

Friedrich?s exploits form the inspiration for each collection,
which is based on a narrative, another chapter in the
life of the fictional protagonist.
Unusual constructions offer movement and panels
provide a strong visual effect. Jeans are skintight,
jackets slim-fit yet flowing, and tanks trail in the wind.
Sleeves provide an unexpected d?nouement to a garment,
super-fine cottons are zipped and draped to create
androgynous shapes for layering.

Androgyny is a utility of the clothing, not a theme;
Friedrich Gray garments are created to push the boundaries, with subplots to be interpreted by the wearer, male or female.

He draws influence from moody music, listening to experimental bands while he works to allow his imagination to roam unfettered. Designing is an all-consuming process for Pollitt, and one
that takes him to places of great light and darkness.
Friedrich Gray mens and womenswear
will be arriving at Fallow in March..